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    Are Face Mists Still Not Part of Your Skincare Regime?

    How Face Mist Helps Your Skin, Hair and Makeup

    Face Mists, formulated with action ingredients that provide multitasking benefits, should be your BFF when it comes to skincare. And when a mist also combats pollution and works on both face and hair, you will be over the moon.  Say hello to Pollution Solution from ACQ Formulas.  Pollution Solution offer some of the same benefits as serums and moisturizers and can be applied throughout the day under or over your makeup to prep and set.

    Pollution Solution - The Ultimate Multitasker

    We loaded Pollution Solution with a powerhouse of ingredients that instantly hydrate, relieve irritated skin, revitalize tired skin, brighten dull complexions, all while combating environmental pollutants for cleaner, fresher skin and hair.  Pollution Solution is formulated with vitamins, antioxidants and pollution offsetting ingredients.   Simply the best multipurpose skin and hair mist.

    Pollution Solution comes in a reusable 100% recyclable 2 oz TSA approved spray bottle.  You can use it everywhere!  Our satisfied customers rave about using it while traveling, at the office, during outdoor activities, while working in air polluted environments, on hot days, post workouts, and so much more.  It is the quickest way to refresh and clean your skin and hair while instantly hydrating.  It is an excellent primer and makeup setter too.  There isn't much that Pollution Solution doesn't do.

    If you love instant gratification, clean healthy skin and hair, and better looking makeup, we hope face mists become part of your skincare regime.