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    Wait, What? Technology is Ruining My Skin?

     How many hours???

    We are guessing that you are spending at least 8 hours a day in front of your computer screen and digital devices.  With the statistics showing that the average amount of time adults spend is 11 hours in front of a screen, we wouldn't be surprised if your time is even more.  Between work, social media, blogging, viewing videos, and more, our in house survey participants were closer to a whopping 14 hours a day!

    High-energy visible (HEV) light/blue light and your skin

    Mounting research shows that not only do we need to protect our skin from UV rays from the sunlight, but we need to protect from high-energy visible (HEV) light/ blue light, and infrared.  HEV light is primarily from the sun, but it’s also emitted by your smartphone, tablet and computer screen and is proving to be destructive to your skin and is contributing to photo-aging which includes wrinkles, damaging skin laxity, and hyperpigmentation.  Some studies also show that exposure to blue light may be stimulating the production of free radicals in skin which can accelerate the appearance of aging.

    This effect of HEV light on the skin is now being referred to as "screen face."   You may even visibly be able to tell which side of your face is most exposed to your screens by noticing dull, sallow looking skin.  

    “Blue light is a portion of the visible light spectrum (380 to 500 nanometers) that is contained in sunlight, but it is also given off by indoor lighting [and] common electronic devices, like computer screens and smartphones,” says Jason Bloom, MD, facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

    Most of the blue light people are exposed to comes from the sun, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. But considering the average American spends more than 11 hours per day interacting on digital media, per Nielsen data published in July 2018, people are exposed to significantly more blue light than previous generations — which is why it’s becoming more of a concern.

    “The amount of high-energy visible light or blue light given off by devices is only a fraction of that given off by the sun, but the problem is that we are constantly spending time on and carrying around these devices and keeping them close to our face and heads,” explains Dr. Bloom. 

    Digital Defense Face Cream - Just say no to screen face!

    We did our own research and development and created the best line of products with powerful action ingredients to help protect and repair your skin from screen light damage, air pollution and aging.

    The research on how HEV/blue light affects your skin is ongoing, but what dermatologists know so far doesn't look good and suggests that the potential damage is real.  The good news is that if you understand what is causing skin aging, you can find the proper products to protect yourself and keep aging to a minimum.

    Our best selling Digital Defense Face Cream is loaded with cutting edge antioxidants, sophisticated plant extracts and skin plumping hydrators designed to lock in their weight in water and triple the amount of natural hyaluronic acid in the skin without injections.  This luxurious cream gel will transform dehydrated , imbalanced, tired, rough, pollution, screen and photo aged skin into a retexurized, hydrated fresh complexion.