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    Our products have a symbol of a container with an “open jar” on the label and product card. The number of months on this symbol indicates the time within which we recommend that the product is used once opened.

    Not a chance. We are animal advocates and rescuers. It is our passion. We only test on humans. All ACQ products are cruelty-free.

    Anyone looking to be proactive when it comes to protecting, preserving, and repairing their skin. SAY NO TO SCREEN FACE and TECH NECK.

    ACQ Formulas creates performance based skin care for modern life to combat environmental pollution and newly identified aggressors including the HEV and blue light your devices give off and. We use cutting edge, highest quality performance ingredients at dose-dependent levels. This means the each ingredient that we procure is used at the clinically-tested amounts to ensure optimal results. These include patented and trademarked peptides and antioxidants. Many brands on the market include performance ingredients at such low levels they are only in a product for marketing purposes and offer absolutely no benefit. This is how brands can sell a product for a much cheaper amount but ultimately you won't see the expected results. We also never load ACQ products with certain ingredients that may do more harm than good that can lead to skin irritation and unstable products.

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    There are no plant extracts currently available that meet both organic and chemical standardization guidelines to ensure you experience the same results from every bottle of product featuring the extract. So, the answer is no. Since the efficacy of an extract can only be ensured if it goes through a rigorous standardization process, your skincare contains only standardized extracts.

    Absolutely everything is done to make sure ACQ skin care is safe and effective. Our products are subjected to some of the most rigorous product testing available today. The creed behind ACQ skin care ensures that each of our products are scrupulously tested for efficacy, stability and safety. And the preservative system of every batch of product we make is carefully tested for effectiveness prior to shipment to you.

    ACQ products are subjected to some of the most rigorous testing of any skincare available.

    Stability Testing | Microbiology, heat, cold, light stability and container compatibility are tested before any product is released to market.

    Dermatologist-Testing | Products developed for sensitive skin are tested, then reviewed and approved by board-certified dermatologists prior to the product's release.

    Ophthalmologist-Approved | Products used around the eyes are subjected to pre-market approval by qualified ophthalmologists.

    Ingredient Efficacy Testing | Every performance ingredient must have documented proof of efficacy before it can be featured in a product made for your brand.

    Consumer Approval | New products are submitted to a panel of consumers for performance testing and review. Only products demonstrating definitive, reproducible results are approved.

    You'll never find your products loaded with unwanted or skin-sensitizing ingredients, so you won't see:

    - MIT (methylisothiazolinone)

    - Parabens

    - MEADEA

    - Mineral Oil

    - Paraffin

    - Lanolin

    - Beeswax

    - Propylene Glycol

    - Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates

    - Phthalates

    - Toluene

    - Talc

    - Triclosan


    - Progesterone

    -Bovine-sourced ingredients (such as collagen, elastin, colostrum, placenta extract)

    - Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives (imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, DMDM hydantoin, quaternium-15)

    And rarely, will you see:
    - Synthetic fragrances or colors

    - Solvent alcoholsPore-clogging ingredients (lipids, which are used in some moisturizing products, can block pores)

    - Petrolatum

    - Triethanolamine (TEA)

    You will find gentle preservative systems that protect the stability and integrity of your products. And, because science has now proven chronic inflammation is the bottom-line of aging, soothing ingredients are often added‐even when sensitivity or irritation isn't a problem

    We would love to help. Please submit an inquiry on our contact page and let us know what products you’re currently interested in, your primary skin concerns, and your currently daily regimen (if you have one).

    ACQ products can only be purchased through ACQ directly. We cannot verify the authenticity of any products not purchased through ACQ.

    Products should be kept in rooms that do not exceed 80 degrees or are below 40 degrees. It is best to leave products out of direct sunlight.

    ACQ Formulas is committed to transparency. Our gifted and paid influencer marketing policies are as follows.
    Gifting: Occasionally ACQ Formulas will gift influencers with products. If any influencer that was gifted chooses to post a review or other on their own social media channels we request that they did receive the product complimentary.

    If we work with an influencer or any individual on a paid basis, any post made by that person will include #sponsored or #ad.